Sickness and well sickness…

I have gotten sick! Being sick of course gives me lots of knitting time; of course that depends on the severity of the illness. Okay, so this one is really icky, but my hands are still working! Yeah! Sooooo as a serious teaser I am including a pic of a swatch I worked up for JBW (Jimmy Beans Wool) April Toshstrology collection of exclusive yarn. NOW don’t panic, as I am sending you to their kit page for the Madeline Tosh DK Toshstrology, but my design will be using the Pashmina and maybe offered as a kit with a pattern code for a discount on the pattern (that’s up to them), or an individual purchase. You will of course be able to purchase the pattern on my Ravelry page as well!


So now that you are excited let me tell you that I have ‘frogged’ the pictured swatch (just to mess with your head) 🙂  and the color is not even close to what’s coming for April and yes, I know I am evil! Madeline Tosh yarns are some of the most amazing on the market and no 2 hanks are EVER quite the same! Now I would be derelict not to remind you to consider stranding if you use more than one hank to minimize those possible differences, however I usually just go for it…but that’s me…crazy knitter!

I will disclose that the stitch pattern is very similar to the picture, but I will be stabbed repeatedly with US 50 plastic needles (okay probably not, but that got you going right?) if I reveal anymore! JBW (me too) loves the anticipation factor…so have fun and know there is more to come on April 1st!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting, hand making, and whatever else makes your heart happy!

Jeanne aka crazy knitter 😉

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