Random ramblings and happy solstice…

Happy 1st day of Spring!!!

There is so much that I love and so little time in a day. My house is oozing with plants, seeds, dragonflies, sandcastles and all sorts of little bits and bobs. I LOVE it! My family doesn’t always feel the same, but they are tolerant, thanks family!


Unknown amazing house plant

Above is a pic of one of my favorite plants and IF anyone has any idea what the ‘Unknown amazing house plant’ is I would really love to know. I bought it at one of my all time favorite shops here in Reno, Natural Selection and when they added it to their inventory they had no idea, as there was no tag. They just knew it was amazing!


The Queen of Dragonflies

I adore animals, bugs, and all creatures and with that love came my spirit guide and it’s a long story as to how I got to know my guide (for another post), but it’s the Dragonfly! The link leads to a spectacular and ever growing ‘rabbit hole’ on Pinterest of my pics of Dragonflies! Oh and if you are so inclined please feel free to follow Battle Born Knits on Pinterest. The Queen of Dragonflies came to me from my most amazing friend I have ever known…my Jo! Thanks Jo!!! ❤


My small beach?

I thought you might like to see my piece of the beach that has sustained me throughout the harsh winter that hangs near my kitchen sink. I LOVE the beach, NEED the beach and thankfully am only about 5-6 hours away from an Ocean Beach. Of course there’s always Lake Tahoe which is about 45 minutes away. Did I mention that I live in the most amazing place??


My Rock Plants

Of course there are rocks in my world….lot’s of rocks and my Rock plants came from natural Selection as well and are doing so well in my garden window. Now that the sun is moving toward the solstice I will have to do some shifting in my window, but I love playing with my plants. Of course there’s knitting in the mix as well. Again, not enough time…I just need to STOP sleeping and create!!!

I hope you are dancing, knitting, creating and whatever else makes your heart happy!

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2 Responses to Random ramblings and happy solstice…

  1. lesliepaints says:

    Hi Battle Born,
    It sounds like you have very interesting things about your house. I wonder if that plant is some form of Christmas Cactus or of that family? Are the leaves attached in long strings? I can’t tell from the photo. Never heard of a rock plant. Thanks for the something NEW!

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