Knitting, knitting, oh and knitting!

I have been knitting…imagine! I haven’t had time to do anything else and have barely kept up with all of you on Facebook…phew!!! It has paid off and I am here to say that when notes don’t make sense to the designer well dang!

I just finished my design (nothing like cutting it close) for the April color of Jimmy Beans Wool’s Toshstrology exclusive line of yummy Madeline Tosh yarn and had to scramble, due to my poor notes ACKKKKKK! The pattern and the color will be released on April 1st and if you already get their Newsletter then you will have all the latest yarn news there.

So you may be wondering how I solved the poor notes dilemma, so I will let you in on my solution…I re-knit that portion of the pattern and took FABULOUS notes!! Lesson learned and with that I will tease you with a pattern(s) that will be up on Ravelry soon. It will be my first e-book and you will also be able to purchase them separately as well.

While my daughter (thank you so much amazing daughter) were taking these shots some very nice knitter’s jumped up and said hey what’s this all about…I LOVE knitter’s!

Also, thank you to Old World Coffee here in Reno for letting us use your amazing place as a back drop for knitting pics.

So happy knitting, creating and do whatever makes your heart happy today!

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