Knitting, motorcycles and pups…

Hey all I am sorry I have been out of touch, but knitting has been calling, as well as a serious family obligation. Things have eased up a bit and the knitting is coming along with 2 patterns to be released by the middle of June….YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!! They will be staggered and then there will be 3rd close on their heels! Phew, lot’s of knitting!!

Oh and did I mention the Ride for the Tata’s? It was yesterday and SOOOOOO much fun! I saw an old friend and rode, and rode, and rode…did I mention that we rode? The Flamingo on the back of my bike got a lot of attention, as well as the pink tutu! It’s a wonderful fund raiser to a part of and all the monies raised stay right here in Reno. A friendly reminder to get your mammogram, as my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer recently, as well as my dear friend Sandy who began with endometrial cancer. We all know someone right? Take care of yourselves, so you can knit as long as you like!

The pup I slipped in is Rusty and I am pup sitting until 7:00 tonight! He’s a real joy and since we lost our Sierra it’s been a bit quiet around here. Today is actually 2 months since she passed, so Rusty is helping a LOT!! Thanks so much to my friend Jenny for her trust in me.

Thank you all for reading and have a spectacular day no matter what you are doing, as today is the day we have to live!! Happy knitting from BBK!

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