The thneed!!!

It’s what everyone needs…this pattern is a tribute to the Lorax! It’s made from sustainable materials (yarn) and NO Truffula trees were harmed in the design. It will be available in 2 days in my Ravelry shop and is a fun (easy peasey) short row knit!


It can be worn in a lot of different ways, as a scarf, or cowl, or even a small shawlish kind of thing. Experiment with buttoning it up!


See you in two days with more information and one more design!! Have a spectacular day of creativity! BBK

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2 Responses to The thneed!!!

  1. Sharon Schultz aka Grandma Honey says:

    I LOVE the blues and your new pattern. Question: I was wondering where you found the buttons! I would order the pattern and yarn immediately if I could get those adorable buttons to set it off.

    Thank you, Grandma Honey
    South Lake Tahoe, CA


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