Thneed’s and Lacy stripes…

I give you ‘The Thneed‘ and the ‘Lacy Stripes Cowl

Dr. Suess is an all time favorite in our house and this Thneed is NOT made from endangered Truffula trees! Madeline Tosh yarns are so, so amazing and this color is in honor of all the June Cancer signs out there…Happy Birthday to you! This color is exclusive to JBW and their Toshstrology collection. It uses the chunky weight and is easily sized.

A Thneed is what everyone needs…

My Lacy Stripes Cowl is super easy and uses the yarns from the June Big Beanie Bag at Jimmy Beans Wool. It’s also, a super stash buster and the size is easily modified. It’s a great introduction to lace and striping yarns. I used the Fisherman’s Knot to help me use as much of the yardage as possible.

I know (horrors) knots…to knot, or not to knot that is the question. Did you know that traditional Fair Isle knitting uses knots? It strikes me that it’s due to the wonderful stickiness of traditional wool yarns. The Fisherman’s Knot helps out with some smoother yarns and keeps them in place without a lot of bulk.

For now that’s the newbies and thanks for all your support!

Have a great and creative day! BBK

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2 Responses to Thneed’s and Lacy stripes…

  1. Margaret Dodd says:

    There is an error in the Lacy Stripes Cowl pattern I received in my June Big Beanie Bag. Is there an errata available for this pattern?


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