Home again, home again…

Jet lag…holy cow!! We traveled for about 36 hours to get home from Russia. We had a delayed flight in New York, so we didn’t make our connection in Los Angeles…and well phew we got home on Tuesday instead of Monday!

Today I feel almost human and am letting the amazing adventure sink in. I did have my first experience loosing knitting needles while traveling. They were Addi US 00 double points and they almost took my US 7 ChiaGoo interchangeables. In all fairness the 00’s were very sharp.

Now that I am home it will be back to work and I have several new designs in the works, so stay tuned! Here’s a bit of our last days in Russia and consider it ‘from Russia with love’ 🙂

As always, happy creating, loving, and whatever makes your heart happy! BBK


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One Response to Home again, home again…

  1. They took your needles??? The knitter’s worse nightmare!
    I don’t knit in planes cause of that fear!


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