Growing up with Sandy Jo…

I have been offline for sometime now and am slowly coming back to reality. It’s odd that even though I knew my Sandy Jo (Jo is the Scots word for dear friend) would leave her body behind I find I wasn’t as well prepared for her passing as I thought I would be. Really who ever is?

She had the unzipping party that she wanted! She was surrounded by her family and her closest friends and I am blessed to be amongst those she chose to spend her life with, as well as her unzipping. She decided quite sometime ago that she would unzip from her corporeal body freeing her spirit and that’s just what she did!

She had endometrial cancer and she gave it a real run for the money, but it beat her in the end. I think cancer sucks (she did too)!!!

Sandy and I met and became friends through our passion for knitting, as we both worked at Jimmy Beans Wool for a long time. We are both very grateful for JBW and the family that we have there.

We sang, laughed, cried, danced and held onto each other for dear life. You see we both felt broken when we met and somehow came together. Our friendship began healing us and was so much cheaper than therapy we always laughed!

Neither of us trusted women (we always worked with the less complicated male human and had both been betrayed by women quite a few times) and were very cautious at first, but the trust came as we realized how much alike we really are.

We accepted each other ‘As Is’ and grew to be soul sisters as our dear friend Victoria says.

Our relationship is rare and so very precious! It’s one that I wish for everyone to experience at least once in a lifetime. While we are now separated in the physical world, we carry each other’s love forever!

Sandy gave her daughter, Melissa to us and I just love Melissa and her family so much! This was huge for Sandy, as Melissa is an only child, so clearly we earned the trust of her heart. She knew Melissa would need friends and lots of support. We are not going anywhere M!!!

I would like to publically thank both Melissa and her husband Miguel for their service to our country. They served in the Navy and Miguel just retired last year; while Melissa retired to raise their children. You two are amazing examples to those around you and I love you both so much!

Of course I have been knitting through the pain of such a great loss and will be releasing a new pattern soon. That’s for another post, as today, Saturday the 18th of September, 2016 we are celebrating one of the most amazing women I have ever known.

Sandy Jo may you rest in peace until we meet again…I love you my soul sister!!!

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