Cleansing my knitting palate…

I have been out of touch lately which has been primarily because of my broken ankle. My 8 1/2 month old pups, Oreo and Nibbler, were chasing a UFO that had landed on a rural road near my home. The sighting occurred on New Years day and I started to run after them and my foot was caught in a gopher hole and SNAP, crunch, OUCH, my ankle was dislocated and broken in 3 places. You may be  asking yourselves if the the pups caught the UFO and the answer is no, but they did get some good bites in on the hull of the ship!

Sigh…if only the story were truly that fun! The truth of the matter is I slipped on a rural road while walking said pups and my ankle did get caught in some super soft soil and the rest is history! I am now walking with a Frankenstein sort of gait and my huge boot and can drive a bit as well without the boot, however, I digress and want to discuss yarn, knitting and crochet in this post. I can’t resist one more fun ankle fact…there are now 9 screws and a plate holding the whole thing together. I am wondering if I will set off the screening at the airport?


Oreo and Nibbler

I have been working on a 3 month project for Jimmy Beans Wool’s subscription program, Big Beanie Bags and just put the whole project on the blocking board today. You can find Part 1 & 2 on Ravelry and Part 3 will be available real soon! I have the pattern 99% written and have only to add the finishing touches to the shawl and off it goes to them for a photo shoot.


Part 1 of The Textures of Nevada Shawl

It has been a fun knit, despite the interruption to my knitting brain waves of pain pills for the ankle…sigh! I am pleased with how it turned out and until the end of March all 3 parts are only $1.00 each and then will go up in price. At that point it will of course by the complete pattern all in one document!


Part 1 & 2

Now I know you are wondering about the title of this post and I always like to ‘cleanse my palate’ after a project. I have chosen to work on my crochet abilities, which are very minimal at best. I have been crocheting flowers, hearts and learning ripple crochet from a great site, The Crochet Project!

As always, happy creating from BBK!!!

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