A bitter sweet ending…

I always get the weirdest feeling when I finish a project, as if I am a bit lost. What to work on next?How do you feel when you finish a project?

The Textures Of Nevada Shawl has been delivered, photographed and completed! All 3 parts will only be $1.00 each until the end of March. Then the full pattern will be available and the price will go up at that time, so jump on board now for a real bargain!

I want to thank my friend, Jenny for being such an amazing model…Jenny you ROCK!

This has been a challenging project, but I am happy with the results. Some of you may know that on January 1st I broke my ankle in 3 places…UGH!! Nine screws and a plate are now my friends. At that point in time I was about to begin Part 2 and did try to find another designer to get me through, but alas everyone was busy, so JBW (Jimmy Beans Wool) generously gave me more time to finish and I can’t thank them enough!

This is a lovely sampler to help the beginner gain knitting confidence and the more experienced knitter have fun. I am going to be working up a variegated version soon and that should be fun!

As always, happy creating and thanks for your support! BBK

PS The ankle is much better…still limping, but wearing regular shoes more often…thanks for all the healing vibes I have gotten from everyone!

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