So much nothing…

I have been hyper focused lately on my physical issues and recently looked up and realized that I am so lucky to have these trials in my life. I broke my ankle on January 1st and 1 plate and 9 screws later found myself crying with pain, but also found that my husband, kids and so many amazing friends held me up and dried my tears for me.

I was such a mess in the beginning that I couldn’t even knit…horrors!!! Of course now it’s 3 months plus and my ankle is amazing for such a short time since I broke it.

Then there’s my knees…sigh! I just had a CT scan on my left knee to see what’s up (I can’t have an MRI as I have brain coils for 2 aneurysms more to be grateful for) and while I was waiting to get into the CT machine a lady was brought in who was just plain angry…actually really angry and frustrated about the time it was taking. The staff slipped her in front of me in a very sweet way and apologized to me, but there was no need really. This lady reminded me to breathe into life and swim with the current and I thank her so much!

Yes things have been pretty tough lately, but I have so much to be grateful for and when I allow that gratitude to be foremost in my thoughts things go so much better.

I have been knitting and bouncing around trying to write The Textures Of Nevada Shawl pattern while swimming up stream…it just doesn’t go well when I do that. I am now breathing and leaning into the process of knitting. Every stitch I make is a moment of my life and it’s all beautiful! I have to shout out to my friend, Jenny for being so patient and such a fabulous model! Jenny you ROCK!!!

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So with that I wish everyone a beautiful day filled with beautiful moments of joy!

Happy creating BBK

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