Teaching the Magic Loop…

Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching 2 lovely knitter’s the Magic Loop!! I use this technique to knit 2 at a time things…socks, hats, sleeves for my sweaters and anything else I can think of that requires 2 things to be the same. It eliminates the need for DPN’s (Double Point Needles), as some knitter’s just find them challenging. I use DPN’s myself a whole lot, as it’s how I was taught, but can certainly see the frustration that they can pose. When I work the Emily Ocher cast on, boy do they flop around!


These pics are how to cast on for just one thing and long, long ago I made a video for JBW showing how to cast on 2 at a time for the Magic Loop.  Full disclosure…shhhhh…top secret…I like to join by slipping the first cast (long tail cast on) on stitch to the right hand needle and then  slipping the last cast on stitch over the top to the left and snug it all up. SOOOOOO that negates the 2 at a time cast on, so then I will use DPN’s to cast on my stitches for the 2nd thing and slip them onto the needles and then join as noted above.

The other little tip is to make sure that your working yarn for both things is ALWAYS coming between and to the back of your needles before moving onto the 2nd piece you are knitting.

Enjoy and as always happy knitting!

Jeanne aka BBK

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