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Boysenberry Sherbet Shawl Version 12 5 2016

A small stitch count oops was brought to my attention and the end of the set up section, as well as the next row right after that should read:

**repeat Row 6 & 7 until you have a total of 28 sts,  ending  after a WS row

Next Row RS: K2, SLM, YO, knit to next marker, YO, SLM, K2 (30 sts)


Huck’s (more than one size) Earflap Hat 
Revised 10/9/10

If you have a copy that is revised on the above date all you need to add is the following for the Earflap instructions only, if you don’t have the revised version please contact me and I will get you one:

Rib Pattern:

Row 1 (RS) k f&b, * P2, k1tbl, k1tbl * to last st, k f&b
Row 2 (WS) to maintain twisted st pattern on WS rows only, work p1tbl  on all purl sts and knit all the knit sts

Repeat rows 1 & 2 once more, work cable row as noted below, maintaining pattern on edges as stitches become available and remember your WS pattern which only applies to ear flaps, once you begin working in the round this instruction no longer applies

Cable row: *sl 1 st to cn, hold to front, ktbl, ktbl from cn, P2* repeat to end

Row 6: (WS) Repeat row 2

Note Row 6 only pertains to earflaps and once hat is being worked in the round this becomes a 5 row repeat.

Repeat these 6 rows

Picot Lace Scarf Revised 7/18/09

Picot Cast Off:

Using the knitted cast on, cast on 2 sts, cast off 3 sts (the 2 you cast on plus one more), cast off 2 more (5 sts total), now cast on 3 sts, cast off those 3 sts, cast off 2 more, repeat this to the end until you have cast all sts off.

Herringbone Shawl/Scarf Revised 8/19/08

Scarf yardage required 250-410 yards of worsted weight yarn
PM after the first 2 sts and then after every 15 sts thereafter.
Begin Pattern as follows:
Row 1 (RS)  p2, *M1, k3, p2, p3tog, p2, k3, M1, p2* repeat * * to end
Row 2 (WS) *p4, k5, p4, k2*, k2
Row 3 (RS)   p2, *M1, k4, p1, p3tog, p1, k4, M1, p2*
Row 4 (WS) *p5, k3, p5, k2*, k2
Row 5 (RS)   p2, *M1, k5, p3tog, k5, M1, p2*
Row 6 (WS) *p6, k1, p6, k2*, k2