How to make a tassel 101: 


You will fold all three yarns at about 7″, it’s better to have more length for trimming, so don’t worry if it is a bit longer than 7″


Begin your folding


Keep folding…a bunch more folding and don’t forget your tassel will be double the size once you fold it in half.


This will be your yarn that you use to attach the tassel to your project. For The Textures of Nevada Shawl I used 2 strands of the color of that part of the shawl.


Here we go! Time to fold your tassel…isn’t this fun!!


You got this now!! I use a square knot for my knots…knots are allowed! Happy knotting!


Now for the wrapping…you are almost done!! I use the yearn right from the ball(s) as I wrap and just hold my joining tie to the side, so it doesn’t get into the wrap. I wrap about 6 to 7 times.


This is how I weave in the wrap ends! I go right down the center of my SNUG wrap and pull it into the tassel. I will do this for both ends a few times, as I want things to be secure.


My favorite part…trimming!! Smooth all strands down and use sharp scissors and trim away. I will shake my tassel after each trim, so that any run away ends come down and I can snip them.


For The Textures Of Nevada Shawl you can see I had very little yarn left. That will help determine your tassel size. Tassels are fun and this is just a basic tassel…you can use beads, braids for wrapping…it’s endless! Happy tassel making! BBK

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