Home again, home again…

Jet lag…holy cow!! We traveled for about 36 hours to get home from Russia. We had a delayed flight in New York, so we didn’t make our connection in Los Angeles…and well phew we got home on Tuesday instead of Monday!

Today I feel almost human and am letting the amazing adventure sink in. I did have my first experience loosing knitting needles while traveling. They were Addi US 00 double points and they almost took my US 7 ChiaGoo interchangeables. In all fairness the 00’s were very sharp.

Now that I am home it will be back to work and I have several new designs in the works, so stay tuned! Here’s a bit of our last days in Russia and consider it ‘from Russia with love’ 🙂

As always, happy creating, loving, and whatever makes your heart happy! BBK


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A small taste of Lithuania in no particular order…the beauty is everywhere!

Amber is an amazing thing and if it’s real it will float in a 10% salt solution, however, if it’s plastic it sinks. I am coming home with some of the real deal and inspiration galore! As always, have a fabulous creative day full of love and laughter! BBK

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The Baltics…

How fortunate I am to be in the Baltics as I type this post. We will be leaving for Vilnius tomorrow which is the capital of Lithuania and have seen the most amazing things to date. We began in Helsinki, Finland and moved onto Tallinn, Estonia and now are in Riga, Latvia.

I have learned about the occupation of the Baltics (most recently) by the Russians and I have learned about the traditions and have to say I am in love with these countries.

Of course knitting is always on my mind and I purchased yarn in Estonia, as well as Latvia and boy is it yummy!!! Enjoy the pictures and happy knitting, creating and living from BBK

PS Don’t forget my Ravelry sale which is still going…50% off 3 of my patterns when you use the code from Facebook.


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Finlandia and 50% off on Ravelry…

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…don’t know when I’ll be back again…

That song is so amazing and yes I am leaving and am actually in Dallas as I type this post. Getting ready for a trip can be nuts and what with the cat scaring me half to death and a vet trip, blood tests and the like I thought I was going to have the FREAK out!

Well the cat is better than ever (antibiotic ear drops), the amazing Amanda is online for house sitting and we were able to pack, clean the house, water the plants and let everything go!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!

Of course our amazing kids, Shelly and Chris are always involved in any kind of planning and Chris came for dinner last night, as well as a couple of games of chess with my honey. While Shelly had her closing night at the Bruka Theatre for Mr. Burns (amazing play) and cast party last night.

Side note on yesterday’s texting about our rider to the airport this morning at 4:45 am:

Me aka Mom: “You are still taking us to the Airport right?”

Shelly: “Yup”

Me aka Mom: “Oh tonight is your last show and cast party right?”

Shelly: “Yup”

Me aka Mom: “You should just stay up all night!”

Shelly: “Hahaha!”

4:45 am this morning:

Me:”honey you look tired…are you okay”…”oh wait you stayed up all night!!”

Shelly “yup”

🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh to be that young again!!

So stay tuned to Facebook for pics and updates on this amazing 3 week adventure to, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia (not necessarily in that order)! I have set up a  50% off coupon code for the purchase of 3  patterns on Facebook, so again head over there and check it out! 

As always, happy knitting, living, learning and loving (not necessarily in that order) from BBK

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Thneed’s and Lacy stripes…

I give you ‘The Thneed‘ and the ‘Lacy Stripes Cowl

Dr. Suess is an all time favorite in our house and this Thneed is NOT made from endangered Truffula trees! Madeline Tosh yarns are so, so amazing and this color is in honor of all the June Cancer signs out there…Happy Birthday to you! This color is exclusive to JBW and their Toshstrology collection. It uses the chunky weight and is easily sized.

A Thneed is what everyone needs…

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The thneed!!!

It’s what everyone needs…this pattern is a tribute to the Lorax! It’s made from sustainable materials (yarn) and NO Truffula trees were harmed in the design. It will be available in 2 days in my Ravelry shop and is a fun (easy peasey) short row knit!


It can be worn in a lot of different ways, as a scarf, or cowl, or even a small shawlish kind of thing. Experiment with buttoning it up!


See you in two days with more information and one more design!! Have a spectacular day of creativity! BBK

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Boysenberry Sherbet sounds good…

Without too much adieu I give you  my Boysenberry Sherbet Shawl!! Thank you for all of your support and I hope you will check out Jimmy Beans Wool Toshstrology collection of amazing Madelinetosh hand dyed yarn!! I hope you enjoy the pattern and as always happy knitting, creating, and living!!! BBK

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Knitting, motorcycles and pups…

Hey all I am sorry I have been out of touch, but knitting has been calling, as well as a serious family obligation. Things have eased up a bit and the knitting is coming along with 2 patterns to be released by the middle of June….YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!! They will be staggered and then there will be 3rd close on their heels! Phew, lot’s of knitting!!

Oh and did I mention the Ride for the Tata’s? It was yesterday and SOOOOOO much fun! I saw an old friend and rode, and rode, and rode…did I mention that we rode? The Flamingo on the back of my bike got a lot of attention, as well as the pink tutu! It’s a wonderful fund raiser to a part of and all the monies raised stay right here in Reno. A friendly reminder to get your mammogram, as my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer recently, as well as my dear friend Sandy who began with endometrial cancer. We all know someone right? Take care of yourselves, so you can knit as long as you like!

The pup I slipped in is Rusty and I am pup sitting until 7:00 tonight! He’s a real joy and since we lost our Sierra it’s been a bit quiet around here. Today is actually 2 months since she passed, so Rusty is helping a LOT!! Thanks so much to my friend Jenny for her trust in me.

Thank you all for reading and have a spectacular day no matter what you are doing, as today is the day we have to live!! Happy knitting from BBK!

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What’s up? Why….

What’s up around here is knitting of course! There are some other things as well, but my mind is always swirling with knitting patterns and ideas. I am currently working on two secret projects, but will be able to give you more of taste around the first of May…oh May day how I love you! Here’s a teeny, tiny tease and it’s amazing yarn!!! TEASE!! Knock it off you tease…nope gotta tease! IMG_0286IMG_0284

I hope you are all having a great week, knitting, creating, and being grateful! Thanks for reading from BBK

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Are you having a freak out?

This last weekend my honey and I went on a ‘FREAK OUT’ weekend. What is a freak out weekend you might be asking…well…it’s when things just flat out become too much to handle and the craziness takes control. The only way to reboot is to run away!

We went to Mendicino for 2 days and reset all systems…another turned one system off and turned a new system on. It worked!!! We are both more centered and able to deal with reality again.



Of course I took my knitting project and we ate amazing food and had a peaceful time. I wish you all a wonderful day and hope you don’t have a ‘Freak Out’!!!!

Happy knitting, creating, crocheting and being!

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